Sunday, 24 October 2010

Selfish Christmas Haul

Friday 22nd october, i decided to venture to london's soho area to grab my mother, and selfishly myself, some christmas presents. before i left home, i had a vague idea of what shades of products my mother usually chose and then i went armed with a credit card and some basic knowledge of my mothers makeup bag. below are three products that i purchased for my mother. i bought feline eyeshadow (matte grey) and feist eyeshadow (matte medium brown) and wanton lipstick (matte medium terracotta cherry) all from illamasqua. unfortunately, i can't review these as they are gifts and am unable to swatch.

being the makeup compulsive i am, i couldn't resist treating myself to some products of my very own. these include the lush dark angels facial scrub, illamasqua rich liquid foundation rf100, illamasqua precision ink (released with the art of darkness collection) and the d'lilac limecrime lipstick. I've only had each of these products for about 2 days so far so i can't give out a full review of each but below is a one line review so far of what i think.

LUSH dark angels facial scrub: "I've had this product before. completely cleans out your pores and helps keep spots at bay. one of those products you'll notice it's power once you stop using it."

ILLAMASQUA rich liquid foundation rf100: "Love the colour, especially as it's halloween. Applied with a foundation brush. didn't find the coverage as heavy as my other rich liquid foundation. perhaps its because i use different brushes usually or apply more on a day to day basis. undecided."

ILLAMASQUA abyss precision ink: "I know nothing about liquid liners really but i can assure you i've never seen anything with such staying power. pigmented, fast drying, non drip and stays black all day. I recommend already."

LIMECRIME d'lilac lipstick: "Such a lovely colour. it has a mid range consistancy and is creamy on the lips. transfers easily and reminds me much of the barrym 129 lip paint, this is just a bit paler. i adore the packaging."

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