Tuesday, 12 October 2010

M.A.C purple eyeshadow swatches + review

If you've seen my recent post on my blue illamasqua eyeshadows, then you'll know i also picked up these M.A.C eyeshadows the same day. They cost £11 each. The colours i purchased are digit (pale lilac/satin finish), beautiful iris (lavender/veluxe pearl finish), creme de violet (pinky purple with gold shimmer/frost finish) and shadowy lady (brown plum/matte finish).

my conclusion: nice colours that work well together and not as expensive as the illamasqua eyeshadows. however, you only get 1.5g of eyeshadow product in mac eyeshadows, unlike illamasqua where you get 2g of product for only a fraction more of the price. The creme de violet and digit eyeshadow were really pigmented and had a good staying power and colour payoff. Yet, beautiful iris was not very pigmented as i had to pack it on to get any colour pay off and came off easily. The same could be said about shadowy lady, except instead of it coming off easily, it was just a nightmare to blend and very bad colour payoff. i found myself packing this on to get any result! recommend: digit & creme de violet. avoid: beautiful iris & shadowy lady.


  1. Corrr shadowy lady looks pants! Shame 'cause it looks so nice in the pan xx

  2. i know :( i'm not sure if illamasqua do something similar. i may have to investigate. seriously their shadows are phenomenal!

  3. i love your writing style it's fucking cool the way you mix ink w/ makeup! i'm writing you some love letters now <3 <3 <3.