Tuesday, 12 October 2010

M.A.C pink swoon blush dupe

If you're like me and live somewhere that's not cosmetically frontlined, you won't have a M.A.C store nearby. If you're also quite fair or like a good vibrant rosey pink blush to top off your blush, keep reading. Across my travels in boots pharmacy, i found in the makeup aisles a company called myface cosmetics. Within their collection, i found a blush called paradisio pink. It looks like an ipod as well, very odd. When i got home, i noticed it was very similar to my M.A.C pink swoon blush so i figured i would compare.

My Conclusion: The paradisio pink blush is £9 which is less expensive than the £16 M.A.C blush. I also found that the paradisio pink blush has a mirror inside and a brush whereas the M.A.C blush has no accessories, plus the packaging isn't as interesting. Depending on where you live, the paradisio blush may be easier to get hold of. Finally, the pigmentation of the paradiso blush is amazing! you get a really rich colour pay off after 1 swatch compared to the mac blush (see last photo).

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